Watican is the leading provider of “Augmented and Virtual Reality” reality. Through the use of QR Code technology and Augmented Reality (AR), Watican products allow you to virtually visit St. Peter’s Square in Rome and hear Pope Francis recite the Angelus with the faithful, praying in an interactive way




Through our collection ok Watican products you will simulate a walk through the streets of Vatican  city, observe the churches from within and admire the View from a 360 degrees perspective. All this can be achieved thanks to a platform that combines photography and interactivity that is called QTVR and can be published on DVD, or online,. Using this platform, we allow millions to visit Vatican City and its main buildings from far away …but close enough to feel a sense of belonging.





The elements that “increase” the reality may be added through a mobile device, with the use of a PC equipped with a webcam or other sensors that add multumedia content to the reality normally perceived by our ve senses. With Augmented Reality (AR), the person continues to live the common physical reality, but bene ts from an additional display or content. The Holy picture of St. Peter in Augmented Reality. By downloading the o cial Watican application and framing the holy picture you will see San Peter come to life and pray with you, reciting the “Our Father” in Latin.

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